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Lead or Rumour info - Unexplored tunnel and bits of White Rock Baths Hastings


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28DL Full Member
theres a few tunnels in the same area as the weed factory but I think the grow is where the crime museum but there is 2 more that I no of on the same stretch


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the crime museum is in different caves...they were at the back of Harpers the guitar bar which was owned by a friend of mine and i worked there for years. The chimney tunnel I researched a few years back & apparently it was backfilled when they redesigned the old baths from an ice rink closed for many years into a skatepark. If you go up the hill around the back of the dripping well pub and look over the fence you can see the remains of the chimney still to this day...there is a small pedestrian gate up there along a metal fence...look over there and you will see the stump left. I am in a facebook group Hastings underground and have tried to find info about all the smuggling caves there must have been around this area too...but they seem to be an old town secret if there are any left open.

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