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Report - Unisys Towers, London Aug 2016

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The History

The Unisys site is owned by General Mediterranean Holdings and they plan to build 512 dwellings and a hotel on their part of the site

There doesn't seem to be much more information than this online about these two buildings. They are on the edge of the North Circular road and have been empty for at least ten years. The buildings are almost entirely stripped out on the inside, with very little of interest remaining. The north tower is seven storeys high and the south tower has only six.

The surrounding views are pretty nice and it made for a nice place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

As a side note a guy was murdered there a few years back, here’s the story for anyone interested


The Explore

Just out and about doing what we do, Myself, @slayaaaa, @oakley and a non-member were driving around the A406 heading elsewhere and we noticed this and thought we would have a look. Not the greatest thing we have done, but a nice looking building that was a laugh to do.

The place is fully stripped and most of the contents are laying on the floor outside and oddly being sorted through and packaged up by a guy who didn’t look like he was supposed to be there either. I think someone’s got an eBay shop going lol

Anyways enjoy the pics as always











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