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Report - Unity towers in the snow (12/03/06)


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Having shelved our original plans for the day thanks to the weather, we decided to get some photos of the town all snowy, preferably from a high point. There were a few places we had in mind, but in the end talked ourselves into going up the Unity towers again as it's pretty much the highest place easily reachable in the daytime.

Unfortunately by the time we got up there most of the snow had turned to slush and the rooftops weren't very white anymore, but it was fun all the time. Dead icey up there though, and there was a bitterly cold gale howling through the tower. Any ideas about climbing cranes were swiftly binned when we saw them swaying about in the winds and ice hanging off virtually anything metal. It also looks like 'Little Unity' (as we named the small crane!!) is being taken down, as the gib was missing. Unless it blew away...

Anyway, was a bit of fun for a Sunday afternoon...

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