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Report - Unknown 'hole' at Troywood


Blakey Lewis

This is my first posting to this forum so I hope I do things right. My particular interest is in the radar stations of Fife. The other day I was walking through a wood near the Troywood Chain Home radar station which is some miles from the later rotor station (Anstruther). I came across the entrance to something underground. It could have been an air raid shelter for the radar station but when I went back the next day withy a torch and a camera it looks more interesting than an air raid shelter. Take e look at the pictures and tell me what you think. The first one shows the entrance, the second shows the room, the way in is at the far end. The opening to the right doesn't go anywhere, it's just an alcove. The third one shows the far end of the room which has been collapsed or more likely a deliberate attempt to cave the roof in from above as the earth has been dug away above the room.

The fourth picture is something completely different. I was looking through some files at the library to see what they had on radar stations in Fife and I came across this newspaper cutting from 1994 about the bunker. Apparently then it was run by one Lord James Clifden who turned out to be a bogus Lord. His real name was Dr. Jim Fox. I don't think he's there now as the Museum is run by a James Mitchell, I guess his Lordship was given the order of the boot. Does anyone know any more about this?

Blakey Lewis




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