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Report - Unknown house - Waunfawr North Wales!


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I recently spent a while living in a work colleagues house in Waunfawr, the road doesn't even have a name, goes through a council estate and turns to farm track, but along said road hidden in some bushes is a very grubby old house. Been abandoned a good 10 years or so I hear from the lady I was renting from, can't remember exactly, but I believe she died and all her family are in a different country and so the house has just been left. She was very evidently a hoarder, as the place was absolutely jammed full. Apparently when she died, the place was so bad, the fire brigade had to be called to lift her out.
Me and my boyfriend got in via walking up an angled tree branch, along a bit of roof and clambering through the 1st floor (what can only be assumed used to be a bedroom?!) window. Horrible due to the amount of grotty old webs and dead spiders hanging around, ew! Only to find out you can walk right out the collapsed kitchen area!
Anyway, there was all-sorts in this place, old photos of family holidays, diaries (documenting everything from her monthly eye appointments and to the Princess Victoria sinking and moon landings etc!) The place was also jammed full of old custard tins, and cat food tins, with an absolute tonne of cat calendars and gardening books.
I'll post all the photos I got on here, and one I've nicked off google street view to show the outside a bit better. Hopefully I've done this "report" thing right, as this is my first post! :) That's all the info and history on the place.
Some screengrabs off googlemaps streetview if thats allowed to show what the outside was like? Plus pics of all the stuff we looked through while there. Looks like a mk 1 Escort estate they drove all the way to Switzerland judging from the dogbone grill!

Screenshot 2019-01-16 at 21.51.31.png

Screenshot 2019-01-16 at 21.51.14.png















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Oh yeah one of the grottiest, came out feeling itchy!
There are more slides and some more modern film photographs still there, I reckon 1000s.

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