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Report - - Unrestored Beam Engine, Dalton, Sunderland 1/6/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Unrestored Beam Engine, Dalton, Sunderland 1/6/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
On the advise of kjud went to have a look at the Dalton Pumping station. The building contains a steam beam engine pump used for raising water from underground and seems similar to the restored example at Ryhope (right next to Cherry Knowle) that is still is working order.

The Dalton Pumping Station has been abandoned since the 1940s when the building began to become unstable due to the vibrations of the steam engine inside but the building has now been restored. Inside however is probably unchanged much since the 40s.

Noticed lots very new clean extention leads and tools inside so perhaps the restoration and/or conversion of this place is finally underway. So maybe not much longer to see the engine in the unpolished and unrestored condition it is now.

Just a few pics below to avoid duplication with kjud's report.






Web site on the restoration of the building..
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