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Report - Untergrundvergeltungswaffenlagerbunkerkomplex - FR 2011


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The spontaneous result of a bored "okay, what do we do now?" upon discovering that a certain theater had been blocked to the point of making it uneconomical to even try to access (plus we were brought up by an officious secretary leaving work who skedaddled straight off to go find the grounds security staff).

So, what, indeed. Oh I know, let's go look at Nazi bunkers. They're always fun.

Don't you Englisher Schweinehunds wish you had Nazi bunkers everywhere to go look at?

Oh no, that's right, you really don't. Sorry.

This is a (never entirely completed) V2 storage, final assembly, and transshipment complex in France. It's a well-known site among local cavers, and a royal pain in the ass to get into now.

For those of you who read French, the links on my page have more information, but essentially, opinions differ on whether it was ever completed or used, or whether the FFI (French Resistance) fought their way in during late 1944. In any case, it was heavily bombed, as you can see from the mess outside the main massively armored rail doors. Inside? Nary a scratch. "Hans, vot is zat? Another 500kilo bomb? Hah, pass me another schnaps."

Way in the back, as usual, are mushrooms. Yay, mushrooms! Everybody likes mushrooms.

Not some of my better pics, since I hadn't a clue what I was doing in terms of lighting. Other sites have better photos.


The original entrance, with machine gun embrasure up top. Welcome!


Main rail tunnel with quays


Loading dock with automotive decor


Loading dock seen from where the rail line once lay


Back tunnel leading to part of the old mines behind the bunker


The Eurostar


Bombed wasteland before the old main train entrance

More, as usual, at kosmograd dot net.​