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Report - Up Empty Carriage Tunnel, London 02/04/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Alias and Siologen.

A strange name for this one but I guess it does exactly what it says on the tin (although we didn't find any empty carriages). We did however find a dead mouse, a few dead birds and lots of rubbish. We mooched around the tunnels for a bit singing Blur's Country House and the theme tune to Round The Twist (have you ever...ever felt like this?) and mainly discussed mammary glands (surprise surprise!)

The tunnel itself is pretty impressive and looks like your average spaceship but is incredibly hard to light due to its size, hence the very dark photos. We then went on to do some other stuff but Alias decided to shake hands with some rusty nails and we were off to the hospital to get him stitched back up. We ended up sitting in casualty for a while telling all the nurses and doctors the stories behind the injuries. I nodded off on the hospital benches using a bag of Haribo as a pillow. So all in all, it was a wicked night and I think I eventually got to bed at around 5:30am with more bruises and cuts on my legs than a few hours previously. Cheers to everyone for a great...if eventful night:thumb