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Report - Up Holland Brickworks - November '11


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Visited with MaybeNot1330, Squeezethatgap and another member who's username I don't know :eek:


I'd been for a recce that day with sim2lew, on the eternal hunt for drains. We actually spotted something, but rush hour doesn't seem like the time to be popping lids next to a well used road, in full view of a nursing home.

I'd earlier spoken to MaybeNot about the possibility of heading up here as it seems like quite an interesting site from his pictures, so I headed over to Liverpool to meet up with him. On the way we picked up Squeezethatgap and ??? and headed over.


The Quarry and Brickworks are located on the eastern fringes of Skelmersdale, west of Up Holland. The site is bounded to the north by residential properties and to the east by farmland and Green Belt. The quarry includes a Geological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The site comprises an area for extraction of clay and shale covering 5.42 hectares along with an area designated for depositing mineral waste of 3.6 hectares. The remainder of the site comprises of agricultural/public open space and an area of land for the industrial buildings and brick-stocking yard.

Planning permission was granted in 1949 for shale extraction at Ravenhead Quarry, with subsequent permissions over the last 50 years relating to developments at the associated brickworks.

The County Council imposed modern conditions in May 1998 as part of the Review of Old Mining Permissions [could this be why part of the site closed] under the requirements of the Environment Act 1995. Mineral extraction is scheduled to cease at the site not later than 22nd February 2042 with final restoration by 22nd February 2043.

The quarry includes a Geological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The SSSI covers two exposed rock faces that constitute examples of interesting geological strata within the quarry, located south and south-east of the brickworks.

I probably could've taken more pics, but for some reason, I wasn't really feeling it that night.



Long rows of kiln trolleys





Quality Assurance

Kiln No. 1


Unfired bricks

The new factory with Liverpool lights in the background


Thanks to MaybeNot1330 for showing me around :thumb

Thanks for looking :thumb
More photos available on my website

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