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Information - UPDATE on Epsom Tunnels


Rum Swigger
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Is this place still owned by Wilem Frischmann ? The guy who wanted to store gold bullion down there

King of Spades

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I've recently taken over the tunnels, so I'm simply advising you that you are not welcome. Sorry to take this stance, but tired of people thinking they can just walk in when we are there. This is not public property and thus is not open to all comers. so Kindly don't just turn up.

Maybe in the future I might allow people to visit, but based on the responses to my post, I'm not encouraged!


Lord Oort

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Mate we're just fucking with you cos you're being a bit precious. Its an exploring forum after all, of course we're gonna discuss going in, whether anyone actually does or not is an entirely different matter.

Like I said a few posts ago, when you're up and running, offer a tour for a reasonable price and we'll all just pay to get in. We get our pics, you get some cash and no one tries to break in. Would probably only have to run a few a year.


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I live opposite these tunnels and have always wanted to have a quick butchers inside.

Just before Christmas there was a lot of activity there making me wonder if there was going to be a santa grotto open.

Since then, I'm more inclined to go with the view it's a sex club or something for swingers.....

Cars all turn up on the same evening around the same time and there until late at night/early hours. Not much car parking space but they manage to fit 8 or 9 in there with some being big land/range rovers.

Still want to see the tunnels but preferably during the day and without other bodies there

The Explorer Returns

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Please take note that the Epsom Tunnels in Ashley road are being used for a private venture.

The doors have been sealed and both a monitored alarm and covert CCTV have been installed, The alarm has photo verification and a fogging system. You have been warned!

I’m tired of Urban explorers telling me they have a right in enter. I can assure you that you do not! The tunnels are neither MOD land nor owned by the council. Your curiosity about the Tunnels will from this point have to be satisfied by the various videos on the internet and hundreds of photos.

When the gates are open, they are for customers of my company, not those who fancy a look around or an open invitation. You are not insured to be there and are trespassing, Any attempt to force entry will cause criminal damage.

I’m sorry to take this stance, but I’m equally not prepared to debate with rude people who fail to research and creep about the undergrowth.

Please respect our wishes and do not break the law.

Curiosity is no defence.
I respect you coming here and warning people however, lecturing people will only start up a massive challenge for some, or some may just want to see if they can get past you, I’m sure most people here do not break and enter, they have a look, take some pictures and leave. Obviously catching someone breaking in then by all means, do what you need to do but if you are friendly and negotiate with us, we will respect you back and happily leave or spread the word for you. Good luck and stay safe.


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We used to have the guy from sheffield Stanley factory doing the same war dance, it made people that wouldn't normally go to such a shit hole want to go lol.