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Report - Upland Park Hotel, Droxford - March 2017


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Ok, so this is my first report so be gentle :) I tried to find out something about the history of this place but, like Sneakysnake (https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/uplan...hampshire-near-southampton-portsmouth.t107731) I came up with nothing. Thanks to google maps archive feature I did manage to get a look at what the outside of this place looked like before it was closed.

So, the basics. The hotel and conference centre is right on the road just outside of Droxford and around a 45 minute drive from Southampton. The sign on the road is still clearly visible so you can easily spot the place (its slightly up the road from a garage if you need more help). There is a large gate across the main entrance but it seems its only there to stop cars because it doesn't actually cover the whole path and you can just climb into the field to get round even if it did.

Once past the gate you can just wander around the site until you find entry (hint, not the front door, I tried :D ) There's a main building along with a staff building to the right as you walk in, chalets and the conference centre to the left.

As Sneaky points out, its in remarkably good condition given its been closed for a while now. Most of it is open so there's easy access. The chalets are all locked and or the doors are screwed shut but you're not missing anything as a quick look in the windows shows. People have obviously made some attempts to get in but gotten nowhere. As you would expect, the grounds are quite overgrown in some areas but nothing that would stop you getting around.

As you can see from the first two screenshots, this hotel was really beautiful and well kept back when it was open so its quite a contrast to its current state. This looks like it was a planned closure as pretty much everything has been removed unlike other places where the owners have just got up and left.

I'm pretty new at all this so if there's anything I've missed in this let me know (or if I've droned on too much as well :D )

Entrance Path - June 2011 and then March 2017



Carpark & Garden - June 2011 and then March 2017













The fish are still alive!!!






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update for all was there 10 mins and police turned up place is trashed police officer was nice enough but regular patrols due to vandalizing idiots just thought i warn peeps


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Oh my god Iam shocked to see this, I used to work here many year so ago and cannot believe what it looks like now. I knew this place inside out so want to know anything let me know x

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