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Report - Upper Heyford/Westland Wessex April 2012


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Myself and a few memebers recently visited Upper Heyford this month. We've been quite a few times, mostly around the school side of the site. We have looked around the accommodation blocks but I didn't take any decent pictures when we've been there. Just thought I would share a few of my images.

The history of this site has been covered in plenty of other reports of this place.

Our first stop was the boiler house near the school area.


It's pretty trashed to say the least, most of it quite recent with some of the panels pulled ripped down




Next we went into the buildings behind the boiler house, again this has been trashed. We did notice that people have started to clear some of the rubbish out though in between our visits here.


Next we moved onto some of the classrooms, lots of smashed windows around in this place.


We've also found an abandoned Westland Wessex (Tail number XR528) at Little Rissington near the go cart track. It's been here since around June/July time I believe, having moved from RAF Lyneham.


Unfortunately the last time we went up all the blades have been taken out of the holders, and every hatch (including the engine hatch at the front) and window has been opened.


Inside shot.


Any feedback is welcome as I'm pretty new to this scene!

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