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Report - Uppermill Police Station - Saddleworth - Dec 2011

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Uppermill Police Station – December 2011



This was the Police Station for the 7 villages which make up the area known as Saddleworth; it’s situated just off the high street in the largest village of Uppermill.

Surprised I have struggled to find any history on the building, all I know is the friendly, all caring, property developer of Saddleworth (NOT) Phil Wiggett acquired this site 9 years ago, after building a new police station and sponsoring a few police cars.

Last I knew there was still discussions as to what to do with the site, local residents didn’t like the unpainted boarded up windows; other less local residents wanted the building saved as it’s part of the heritage of Saddleworth. The general decline in house building in the area; as with the rest of the UK has meant this has just sat there for the last 9 years.

My Visit

This has been on my list to visit for years, I have never seen or heard of anyone else having been in the building. Every other month I’d have a wander around but it was always sealed up. The only time I have been in there was to provide my vehicle documents when I got a producer 20 odd years ago.

Roll on the 9 years since it closed, I last wandered around the building 4 months ago, at the same time was sure I’d heard they were still discussing if it should be demolished. I had an email from a local youth last week wanting me to show him the local sites, after asking him what he’d done locally he said Uppermill Police Station!

I paid it a visit today; I had high hopes of the front desk, cells and the odd bit of memorabilia; alas there wasn’t even plaster on the walls! Mr Wigget had been ruthless and the building must have been stripped of anything interesting 9 years ago, glad I got in and finally saw the police station though; best bit was cornering a fox in one of the upper rooms – enough said!

Image 1 - Ground floor of the police station, showing the lack of anything interesting!


Image 2 - The one thing of interest I found.


Image 3 - One of the stair wells, all that’s left really.


Image 4 - Room on the upper floor


Image 5 - Managed to get into the cellars/basement, nothing down here either apart from a 1984 bottle of Co-op shandy – fluffed that photo!


Image 6 - The end is nigh looking at the demolition equipment/machinery now on site.


Glad I got in; but so disappointed I did after seeing what was not left in there.

Thanks for looking



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