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Me and a friend have been looking for a place to explore and make some videos ( no access points shown in videos ) and take some photos for a blog we have started!! We tried Sally oak hospital in Birmingham and royalty cinema but bother where no longer possible to access due to police presence and lots of camera and builders!! If you have any locations you personally know of or any you've heard of please post here and inform us so we can go and get some footage and photos of the said building! We would love to start exploring factory's and hospitals within an hours radius to us. Please get back to me. Thank you. Mike


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Welcome to the Urbex location providing Forum I'm sure you'll fit in nicely here going off that introduction ..........With all the other Pampered lot ;)

Look forward to seeing your output if you can actually find anywhere to use your new 10-18mm lens :)

You can tell it's the School Holidays ;)


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I would've recommended Pine End Works near the Forest but, looking at your profile photo, it seems that you've already been there - as well as the fact that it's pretty empty nowadays, nevertheless with some good video and photo opportunities!


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So don"t go places "Tooled Up" simples :banghead

Funny i"ve yet to be pulled over and i"m a dodgy looking bloke :thumb
I'll second that i've seen your people shots

seriously though mate ,so you have a blog and you want it to look cool with some nice locations and videos to give you that epic urban explorer look.

Unlike most things in life you cant just expect to get end results without putting in atleast some effort,your on an explorers forum with a search bar.You may have to put in some actual effort to get into places security/workmen or not


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Have a good search on th forums - somewhere you'll find something I'm sure. Failing that, come down to Bristol where we have things to do! :thumb


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It's called urban exploring and not urban sightseeing for a reason, so why not get off your ass and actually, you know, do some exploring instead of expecting everything to be given to you on a plate?


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Hey mate don't know where abouts you live in Gloucestershire, But were we live this is about an hours drive, its called talgarth and is in wales, we went there on sunday was amazing , be careful if u go, as there is a really grumpy old man and if i was u i would park the car down the bottom on hospital road, if u park up by the asylum itself he may try and give u flat tyres, as he left a load of nails behind our tyres upon our return, good job we noticed them.. anyway here is some pics for you. also it does have asbestos in, but we took the chance and went in anyway, we might invest in some masks next time