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Report - URM2012 / Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule - Brandenburg, Germany - September 2012


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So Flasklight and I and whole truck load of others headed off to the land of chocolate for the first international UEM2012 meeting in Altes Lager, Berlin area, Germany. The weekend was a collaboration from UER.ca and some regional forums, notably the duchies. I set off from Paris, through Belgium and Amsterdam before hitting up Berlin and finally down to the meet up. It was a strange weekend to say the least, but one filled with a bonfire so large it made me wish I brought the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to roast and some Urbex and Urbexers from Germany, Netherlands, a few fellow frogs and sprinkling of Polish here and there.

We were given open access to some sites in the area including the abandoned Russian occupied, German Air Force school "Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule", Niedergörsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany as well as a museum of sorts of old WW2 tanks, bombs, missed and other oddities. We also went out to a bunker. The whole weekend was interesting, urbex with permission is very different to the normal urbex. It didn't feel right to be allowed to be there, kinda took out the fun of it a bit, but it was still very well worth it and I'll be looking forward to the 2nd edition next year. The bonfire was a brilliant idea and a great place to meet and chat with other explorers form all across Europe

It seamed everyone had a camera and a tripod… I bucked the system by not using my tripod, and also begin the only person in a white jacket instead of the head to toe black that everyone else was dressed in. I tried very hard with this site to focus of things I saw that could be different. I was so conscious that I was shooting with a truck load of other photographers that it was unnerving to shoot standard images, and once i got locked into the minimalist idea, I kinds went with it. So I hope you liked these images suivent.

Salut Tout Le Monde
La Cigale

1. Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule (1)

2. Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule (2)

3. Höhere Fliegertechnische Schule (3)

4. Il n'y a pas de fumée sans feu // Where there's smoke, there's fire

5. Flasklight

6. De l'Autre Côté // The Other Side

7. Un Panzer d'Étoiles Filantes // A Panzer Shooting Stars