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Report - US Army Medical Corp Hospital, Blackmore Park, Malvern 17/04/2011

Chest Rockwell

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Some will say that this should be industrial because today this site is a deserted industrial estate but I was searching for a former US Army hospital...and I found part of it too! :thumb

Yesterday I was doing a bit of Google Earth 1945 aerial maps exploring and I came across five US Army Medical Corp Hospitals in the Malvern area. Of course, most are no-more but Blackmore Park looked promising! I drove over there yesterday evening and was quite shocked with what I found! Looks like it was about to be demolished for a Science Park, however, the place is deserted! Looks like the financial crisis stopped the development in it's tracks leaving about 8 huts still intact!!!

I have no positive ID on the hospital number as can be read in the following:

Blackmore Park in World War Two’ tells the history of the two hospital sites built at Blackmore Park in 1943 and used by American hospital units until September 1945. The two sites were first occupied by the 19th and 65th General Hospitals. The 19th was replaced in May 1944 by the 93rd General Hospital and the 65th was replaced first by the 90th General Hospital in March 1944 and then by the 155th General Hospital in July of that year. The 19th and 90th moved their operations to the continent on leaving Malvern and set up hospitals in France.

More at www.englemed.co.uk/books/usaaf/page5.htm
Place is very easy to find, just past the Three Counties Showground on your way towards Malvern. There is a long road that leads to it and not really many folk about at all...in fact it was all a little too quiet for my liking LOL! The place appears to be fenced off but round the side you can get in through the open doors of one of the huts! The place is a mess with loads of used tyres everywhere and later on I found out that some bloke is serving time for dumping tyres at that site, about 550,000 of 'em: http://www.tyrerecovery.org.uk/news-and-events/detail/prison-sentence-for-550-000-illegal-tyres/

They were folk driving past and my car was parked outside so I didn't hang around too long and opted to leave these photos in glorious colour! Onwards with the explore, enjoy!

Photos Part 1



Note the "Black" areas on the above pic, that is some of the half a million tyres!



(Above) The temporary fencing to the left is open in that section, with enough clearence to get a car through


(Above) Phase One of the disused "Science Park"



(Above and Below) whoever cut down the tree didn't give a toss about the fencing!



Lots of junk!






(above) The way in!!!