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Report - Ushaw college, Durham (21/7/2019)


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My most recent exploration is of ushaw college in County Durham. We travelled here at about 7:30pm and managed to get in before the rain hit but couldn’t spend too much time inside as someone had a fire close by and didn’t want to get caught inside so we spent roughly an hour inside. The building was fairly accessible but I can’t disclose the entry way due to rules.

Once inside we were greeted by a dark dingy room, not much inside to look at apart from daft graffiti but I had not done any research on the place prior but I did once home. Once through the main hallways you’re inside a fairly sturdy ground floor, no major damage to anything and it feels structurally sound. The most interesting thing on the ground floor was some rooms that appeared to be cells of some sort, electric gates as such. There’s a trashed staircase on the ground floor but a staircase which leads to a basement, head height wasn’t great but enough to look around, not much but some old paint cans. Also, if anyone can shed some light on the locked door which says “if you’ve broken the lock, you’re too late” it’ll be appreciated.

We managed to get up to an upper floor up a spiral staircase next to what I assume was the chapel which wasn’t accessible as there was a big steel door welded on. The upper floors are a little more dangerous especially in the hallways. Where there is wall insulation everywhere and floors collapsed through. The big halls are where it’s interesting. Graffiti isn’t for the faint hearted but it could just be people messing about, a lot of nazi/national front graffiti, one sole wall which read “I came here to commit suicide” and one thing I saw which freaked me out was a noose in a small room on the upper floor but I didn’t mention this to anyone. We also heard a lot of noises, like a little girls voice and people running about but as far as we were aware, we were the only people inside.

Sadly we didn’t manage to fully explore the building as I know there’s a pool and a full basement but I will return in the near future. Overall this is by far the most interesting building I’ve been in but also does have a dark history of child abuse.




















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28DL Full Member
Looks class! We had a look round yesterday but didn't go inside the college as the way in we found only half of us would of fit had a look around the graveyard which was canny cool and got inside one of the barns at the farm before we got shifted off a bloke with a dog

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