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Report - Ushaw College, Durham - April 2014


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Ushaw College is a derelict Catholic seminary and former Licensed Hall of Residence of the University of Durham, and covers over 400 acres of Durham’s traditional and renowned countryside. The college also includes 30 acres of extensive gardens, which offer superb views of the surrounding area. The site and its surrounding buildings were completed in 1808 and during this period it was founded as a college by scholars from English College, Douai, who fled France during the French Revolution. Ushaw College and its grounds have been affiliated with the University of Durham since 1968 and, until 2011, Ushaw was the main Roman Catholic seminary in the north of England for the training of Catholic priests; finally closing in 2011 due to the shortage of vocations. The buildings and grounds are now occupied and maintained by the Bishops of the Northern Province and Shrewsbury Diocese, who have founded a ‘project group’ to ensure that a strategy for the future of the whole site is implemented and sustained. Durham University Business School is also presently using a number of the buildings, whilst its own site is redeveloped. It has allegedly been agreed that the Bishops and Durham University will work together to secure Ushaw’s future.

Our Version of Events

Taking a break from the sites and general abandonment of Sheffield, a few of us decided to travel north to take a look at Ushaw College. We set off early on a bright Monday morning and easily navigated our way into Ushaw’s grounds. The building itself is extremely run-down inside, yet, it still retains its impressive gothic-style facade, which stands out agreeably against Durham’s countryside. Like many have said before us, the chapel is the greatest part of this explore; made even more so by its unusual access point! There are still many interesting items and objects if you look carefully.

1: Main Corridor


2: Main Hall


3: Tower Through Window (With Pigeon)


4: Stained Glass Window in Chapel


5: Wallpaper in Chapel


6: Window, Roof and General Decor


7: Virgin Mary Statue (Frontal Shot)


8: Virgin Mary (Side Shot)


9: Organ in Chapel


10: Prison Style Gate


11: Water-damaged Corridor


12: Centre Courtyard


13: Wheelchair


14: Blue Toilet Block


15: Exterior Shot

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especially if you can find the chapel :)
changed a lot then, a few years back you could literally walk into the chapel. I think there was a spate of attacks on the place though a couple of years back, so not surprising they are sealing stuff off.... judging by the state of the chapel though, perhaps too little too late :(
Thanks for posting though, nice pictures there :)

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