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Report - Ushaw College, Durham - August 2016


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The Explore
After seeing St. Josephs seminary so many times I had really wanted to get over to Durham to see her sister college of Ushaw.. Finally get over there to see it and was quite surprised to see the state its in, maybe this is what Joes would look like had there not been some form of security there for all these years.. none the less it was nice to have a walk around and some of the architecture is very similar to Joes and the place has a very similar feel... swimming pool was interesting to get to, tight squeeze would be an understatement :)

The History
Ushaw College is a derelict Catholic seminary and former Licensed Hall of Residence of the University of Durham, and covers over 400 acres of Durham’s traditional and renowned countryside. The college also includes 30 acres of extensive gardens, which offer superb views of the surrounding area. The site and its surrounding buildings were completed in 1808 and during this period it was founded as a college by scholars from English College, Douai, who fled France during the French Revolution. Ushaw College and its grounds have been affiliated with the University of Durham since 1968 and, until 2011, Ushaw was the main Roman Catholic seminary in the north of England for the training of Catholic priests; finally closing in 2011 due to the shortage of vocations. The buildings and grounds are now occupied and maintained by the Bishops of the Northern Province and Shrewsbury Diocese, who have founded a ‘project group’ to ensure that a strategy for the future of the whole site is implemented and sustained. Durham University Business School is also presently using a number of the buildings, whilst its own site is redeveloped. It has allegedly been agreed that the Bishops and Durham University will work together to secure Ushaw’s future.



















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Good work Brian, nice to see the chapel open again, it had a steel vault door on it last time I went!
It still has but some extremely determined folk seem to have hacked at it with what seemed to be some kind of grinder!!! Somebody clearly wanted inside very badly....


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Very nice set of shots. You did well getting inside the pool, chapel and seminary all in one visit :thumb
Yeah, I've heard they are usually sealed so sounds like we were very lucky that day.. swimming pool was ridiculously tough to get inside though haha


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Cracking shots there mate. Was here myself at the weekend. Know what you mean about the chapel. Someone was very determined :eek:


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Does anybody own the site? Me and a friend tried to explore it a while ago and we're chased off the site fairly promptly. Was gutted. Somewhere I've wanted to see for myself for a good while


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Gorgeous lighting for your pool day there. Feels so spa-like when the sun's out in full. Also what was that blue-rimmed wooden looking thing in there? Never seen that before.


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This place is trashed to the high heavens now :( was up there a few weeks ago and the chapel is in a dire state and smashed to bits

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