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Report - Ushaw home farm, Durham

the darkside

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Recent solo visit, watched this place for a while then seen a report, so decided I would check it out too.
So, here;'s my report. Thanks for viewing.
Grade II* Victorian “model” farm built by Catholic college abandoned in 2002 but now leased to a Trust who hope to give it new life as a Heritage Skills Institute.

This grade II* listed farm building dates to 1852, when it was built in Gothic style by Ushaw College, founded in 1808 as a Catholic seminary by refugees from the English Catholic school at Douai in France.
It was the height of the ‘high farming’ movement when landowners and farmers were constructing new model farms, in light of the intensification of farming methods in the 19th century. Ushaw features cattle byres, haylofts, a milking parlour and dairy. Used by the Ushaw College up to 1972, the buildings were then let to a farm holding, before falling into disuse in 2002.
The site has been added to the Register and is now leased to the North of England Civic Trust has hopes to give it a new life as a Heritage Skills Institute, English Heritage is working with the Trust to assess if this could be a sustainable future for this remarkable set of buildings. If a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund is successful then the Institute would be open in 2014/15.


















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Good pics i take it you didnt encounter Mr Angry then we did sadly after a short time figuring out our access good or bad timing depends how you look at it.

the darkside

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Will Knot, thank you mate, been to that college, done it a few times.
Dave, mr.angry? nope, never saw a soul all the time I was there, stealth mode mate. lol

the darkside

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He claims to be the owner of the place he said would you like it if came into your living room tbh my living room is a bit more secure than his.

haha. No, never seen him at all. I did notice the house right next to it is occupied, but only me in there at that time.


Is this the future?
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Nice set of shots. That one looking into the stable with the pillars on either side is a nice angle. I really like the one of the roof beams too. Good to see this one again.

You did well not to bump into the angry guy. He was roaming around when we were there, but we just explored upstairs until he went away. I think he owns the farm behind it and uses part of the site to store some of his equipment.

james howarth

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the place is boarded up, but there are still easy access point into the farm building its self! 2 unboarded windows in a tunel like area! the house is still easy enterance as well, and i also bumped into the 'farm owner' lol, not sure he actually owned it but he said so! be careful of him!