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Usine Solvent, Verviers - Belgium. November 2015.


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Verviers is twinned with other European town famous for wool industry, Mönchengladbach (Germany), Bradford and Roubaix (France). Verviers is today the Capitale Wallonne de l'Eau, recalling that the water of the Vesdre, which runs to the rear of this mill gave a specific "touch" to the cloth.

George and I had this as a backup on our way from France to Germany (should time permit)... Rather unfortunately this part of our trip happened a little earlier than expected due to us waking up at 5am excited to explore a previously untouched steelworks… until numerous messages arrived on my phone checking we weren’t in Paris and learning of the news that lots of people were dead and the French borders were closed.

We thought it perhaps inappropriate and more likely, dangerous to explore in France so swiftly headed into Luxembourg via the smallest road possible to avoid any sort of road blocks and northwards towards Germany, via this wonderful old factory.

Access was far from simple and involved barking dogs, two big doberman pinschers and a small terrier type, which made our entry (and exit) take place at a running pace. I also tore my trousers in an explosive fashion, which was fun.

So, after an hour or so of faffing around finding our way in, we finally spotted things we recognised and started to gingerly make our way around this massive complex.



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Some cracking shots there, love your editing style. Think I'm gonna have to go back and redo mine now haha.
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