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Report - V1 Launch Site Val Ygot



Visited while on holiday at my dad's place just round the corner, lol he's had it years but never knew this place existed!!

A really nice size, its been touched by the tourist bugs but not ott. Nicely done and its refreshing to actually see a ww2 site being allowed to be there and not hidden away or flattened like in this country.

Nothing too over done, just some nice clean sign to tell you what is what and explaining exactly what had gone on, apart from that its still got the derelict feel. We visited late in the evening and there was no-one else around.

The first site like this i had seen but apparently just over 110 in the area, though get the feeling not quite aswell kept as this one. But got a picture of the map showing where they are and going to dig the net for actual locations.

The view up through the trees from the reception hanger, from the info there gather the landscape hasn't really changed since it was operational, even some of the trees surrounding the bomb hole's are still black.


Assembly Rooms, in direct connection to the recepton bunker as it was the first stop before the V1's went into storage


Back of the Assembly Rooms (good shot ;) )


Front and back of launch room, before the rockets were taken up to the launch ramp they needed the wings put on and the charges primed.



This is a really nice touch, a bit chilling but really brings home that this place wasn't always the empty shells of buildings that it is now. Sounds odd but you relly get the feel of it being actiave and how everything works in order. A clinical approach to the original weapons of mass destruction.



Firing Control Bunker, this is the only thing in 100% condition but not really surprising the walls and roof are atleast 4ft thick solid concrete!!


Unfortunately the French have had the same crap weather we've had and it was flooded :(


Whats left of the Officers Bunker. Not exactly a palace, lol.


Water Pumping station, they had to clean down the launch ramp after every launch. Hard to see through the crating but you can make out several channels coming in and out with large scars on the floor where the pumping machinary would of stood.


Damn close shot, this is the first in a row of 4 MASSIVE bomb holes in the ground. This pattern is pretty much repeated all arond the site, straight rows of 4 holes, and all of them atleast 10-12ft deep. Climbed down and stood in one and its was aleast my height again to the top.


2 Building opposite each other, one the main power generators and control center. The other the main quarters and staff accomodation. This really feels like the heart of the site and is completey surrounded by the trees and earth banks.



Have got a few more pictures here http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y170/Dannyboyb2/V1%20Launch%20Site/

Sorry about the quality they were all taken on my camera phone and wed just come from the golf course so not exactly in 'climbing around in the mud' clothing :eek:


Ah planning to go back mate, there are 4 vent tops on the site and one hell of a block of concrete used as a bunker cap, got a feeling there is still a little more than what is on show.

Also wanna find the other sites, the map listed atleast 3 in that forest area alone! and 2 right close to the town near to my dad's place.

The one thing i will say for the French, they are not afraid of the WW2 sites and definately won't forget!

Here's a pic of the sign next to road.