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Lead or Rumour info - Valencia Unfinished Metro Line T2


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Okay this is my first post but I wanted to get this spot more known.
When the financial crisis hit Spain, Valencia was in the process of constructing a new metro line that would run through the city.
Construction was halted soon after in 2011 and the tunnels have been empty ever since as far as I know, apart from the occasional rave and graffiti artist.
When wandering some areas of the city it is possible to see the entrances into the tunnels which generally seem to be covered by metal doors and security cameras, and are in busy areas, although i'm sure there are a few open entrances and sections.
A few years back some guys posted a great youtube video of themselves inside the metro, canoeing one of the flooded sections :Not Worthy, I'm pretty sure they got in some legal trouble afterwards though.
Anyone have any extra knowledge about this? I would love to attempt an explore but the cameras have kept me away until now.
I would join someone in this explore if they were up for it.
Tell me what you guys think.
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