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Report - Valet Parking - France, 2011


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Even in the heart of Paris, there's still loads of open space where we get to monkey around and have some fun.

The following is utterly unspectacular, with neither historical, cultural, or aesthetic significance. It's a huge garage, abandoned very recently - before it was emptied out, it served as one of the international export headquarters for a big French car manufacturer. What's nuts about it is the dimensions of it - eight floors of open space in a highly crowded Parisian neighborhood, without a single tag in sight.

It's pretty ugly, too - megatons of concrete, with scattered feeble attempts to pretty it up with colorful murals. The construction of this and the buildings around it is of brutalist construction. And yes, that's an actual school of architecture, you know, the people in the 1960s and 1970s who thought it'd be fun to create giant expanses of concrete, because it's really cool if kids and families have nice clean lines and slabs of asphalt, and those responsible for these visual atrocities have, I hope, since been taken out and shot and fed to the pigs.

The kids didn't seem to mind, though - two local urchins were goofing off inside, scampering out of sight when they saw us coming. We called out, insisting that we were harmless, and they couldn't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that we weren't cops (they asked) and just wanted to photograph stuff, so they went back to doing what kids do best (i.e. scaring the snot out of us by explosively setting off fire extinguishers around the place.)

The challenge lay in actually getting some good shots of the locale before the graffers and skaters show up. Nice perspective pics are harder than they sound, especially with weird dusky light and almost nothing in the way of decor. Judge for yourself. We were a bit distracted, because my associate kept insisting that he'd spotted a hot naked lady in a window of one of the surrounding apartment buildings.

I think we got some neat photos, though - you be the judge.









More pictures, as always, at kosmograd dot net.


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