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Report - Vantage Engineering LTD -28/03/2011


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28DL Full Member
Me and (a newbie on the forum called) hoppy Matt have been planning a day out for a while; so firstly we came to a place we've know for a long time.

This place has been in a decrepit state for a while now, smashed windows, missing floors, fire burn remains and real shame of a good building. so we decided to get a report up before it completely goes down the pan.

Entry was easy, and in a place were hardly anyone walks past was at least a worry off of our minds, and because it was the school day and before 2pm the pikeys wouldnt be inside either :D

No real history on this place just it's a steel/metal works with the main building providing an office, toilets, meeting rooms, and other random rooms and a suprise! a lift :D

any way, photo time :)

  1. P3160055.jpg

  2. P3160057.jpg

  3. P3160060.jpg

  4. P3160064.jpg

  5. P3160074.jpg

  6. P3160078.jpg

  7. P3160090.jpg

    Mafia's den :D
  8. P3160092.jpg

  9. P3160102.jpg

  10. P3160104.jpg

  11. P3160108.jpg

    :eek woody forgot his hat! he never forgets his hat!!!
  12. P3160120.jpg

    Nice spelling!:rolleyes:
  13. P3160132.jpg

  14. P3160121.jpg

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