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Report - Various Underground Quarries in Corsham (Part 1 of 2)


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Hi All,

Let me start off by saying that nothing here is new, and you will most likely have seen most of this on here over the years. Background info is minimal, as it has been covered a million times. I have decided to include my own thoughts and feelings to each site instead.

All pictures were taken with a Canon 70D and 18-55mm Kit lens, with a few exceptions being taken with my phone.

I have been coming to the Wiltshire region since around 2008, purely to visit the many quarries it contains.

I got a DSLR in 2013, and have been gradually getting to grips with low-light photography.

This report is a collection of some of my less-crap shots, taken at various times.

Mods - It has been many years since I've posted something, if I've done something wrong, please psychologically destroy me, and I'll sort it out. Cheers :)

Box Quarry

I have been into Box a great number of times, and made some good friends through it.
There's a fair bit to see, if you don't mind walking, climbing, and navigating.

There are a fair few cranes in Box. This one has been set up for photographing, but they used the wrong pincers - There's no way it could lift anything with those.

The 'Crabwinch' - To my knowledge, this is the only truck/cart that still resides in Box Quarry. Well worth a look though.

There are some very photogenic stone arches in there, too... Also note the black deposits on the ceiling from the locomotive.

Head out a little further, and you'll come across the old boundary to the MOD section.
Whenever I see this, I always think that the 'raptors have escaped.

Pass through, and you'll be walking through a much larger, and well-supported tunnel.


Which of course will take you to the famous 'Red Door'. I fruitlessly check this on every visit.
If this door is ever found open open - call me.

I suppose I'd be a fool to not include a photo of 'Cathedral', so here it is:

Browns Folly

I decided to put off visiting Browns Folly until last year - I knew I wanted to see it, but I also knew that it was in no immediate danger of being sealed up, unlike some of the other places later in this report.
It was a very pleasant surprise - Much cleaner and tidier than Box, and plenty of interesting things to be seen.

Lots of rail junctions still remain in place.


It also has a lot of nicely stacked walls/doorways.

Here's a backfilled entrance to the Monkton Farleigh Ex-MOD Munitions Storage Facility.
If you find a way in here, please call me.

Farleigh Down Tunnel

Like Browns, this was another location that I assumed would be around for a while, so I put off visiting it until quite late.
Not technically a quarry, but a tunnel allowing transfer of munitions from the main railway line to Monkton Farleigh for storage.

The remaining structure above ground:

Junction porn:

Looking down from the top of the incline:

At the bottom of the incline - Sidings where munitions would have been loaded onto the conveyor.

The tunnel:

Old-school safety warnings. Also, note the change in tunnel geometry:

No pics of the end, but - If you ever walk to the end and find that it is open - Call me.

Sands Quarry

Sands Quarry, was used as an emergency exit for part of Spring Quarry. This meant that it attracted some special attention a few years ago - I almost got in twice. Almost.

It is a relatively small quarry, and now inaccessible, but I'm glad I got to see it.

Looking towards the slope shaft:

Standing by the door from Spring Quarry, facing the direction of the slope shaft (Note the poles with reflective strips to indicate exit route)

Another shot of the 'Fire Exit' route:

Remnants of the quarry's working days:

The open 'red door' to Spring Quarry:

... Is bricked up.
If you ever see this door open - call me.

(See a pattern emerging here..? CALL ME!)

Please see part 2 for the rest of this report


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You know of the cables behind one of those red doors ??? Contact me.me and my brother want to camp around here next week and explore the area but could do with some directions on how to get there from wroughton ? If we was to get a taxi where would we get it to exactly ?

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You know of the cables behind one of those red doors ??? Contact me.me and my brother want to camp around here next week and explore the area but could do with some directions on how to get there from wroughton ? If we was to get a taxi where would we get it to exactly ?
Cables? There's many things behind the red doors but I wouldn't sum it up as 'cables'?


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cheers for the great report and pics!!

out of interest, you mention Sands Quarry is inaccessible now - what stops you from going in? Cheers!