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Report - Varpa beer factory, Latvia, April 2013


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The factory was opened in 1870 and in that time it was called Livonija. During the WW1 it was evacuated, but re-opened during the first years after proclamation of Republic of Latvia. In 1945 it the company was taken over by Soviet Union and gained a new name Vārpa. It was the only factory producing yeast for honey beer among the Baltic countries. In 1967 factory had 149 workers and produced beer, malt and other raw products necessary for production of beer.

The factory was closed in 2004.

Our exploration started with a climb over the gate to get into the territory.


We left out the first house on our way, as one of the friends pointed out that this was the main base for the homeless, which none of us had interest of meeting.

There was narrow path in the deep snow leading further in the territory. Because of the deep snow and the possible holes resulting with a fall straight through to an extensive basement under the buildings, we tried not to step in the snow too far from pathway. The depth of the basements could be vaguely guessed from looking into the holes and the open arks in some of the buildings. The basements will definitely be worth a separate exploration trip in the summer.

The first building we went in was really damaged by the metal thieves. They had removed the whole top floor. This, however, provided a view to the whole empty corpus of the building.



As pointed out by one of the other explorers thieves used to actually live in the building in the time they were cutting metal. Their actions were creating a noise so loud that it resembled a construction site and could have been heard across the territory.




Sadly the condition of the chimney wasn't too inviting for a climb.


The final stop at the other side of the untrodden part of the ruins was a house with a horse head figure on it.

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