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Report - Vauxhall Trade Effluent drain - Ellesmere Port - October '11


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Visited with Mooks and Flub​


Mooks and Flub had headed to mine after their epic Stoke road trip. As they where tired I cooked pizza for them and gave them drinks, eager that they catch up with themselves so we could get out exploring!

Drink and pizza consumed, we started debating where to go. The hydraulic tower close to me was quite high on the list, but as it was blowing a gale we decided against it in the first instance. After this I suggested this place. I know where it is anyway as I grew up nearby (DHL will testify to me knowing the place) and seeing the report that Kevsy put up I wanted a crack.

The three of us got our cameras, and headed out into the night. All about to lose our drain virginity.


Kindly provided by Vauxhall/GM's PR droid !daz!

The Vauxhall Effluent Trade Treatment Plant is situated behind the Vauxhall plant in Ellesmere Port it treats the liquid waste from the car plant before discharging the treated water in to the Manchester Ship Canal.

I would like to bring your attention to the incorrect statement above regarding our Water Treatment Plant and the discharge from the site. Vauxhall Motors does not discharge any liquid waste into the Manchester Ship Canal. The pipes in question only carry storm water from the site. ALL production waste waters are first treated (to meet the agreed discharge standard with United Utilities which runs the Municipal Treatment Plant) and then discharged to the Municipal Treatment Plant for further treatment prior to ultimate discharge.

Whilst Vauxhall welcomes inquiries from concerned citizens regarding our operations, we do not encourage anyone to put themselves in danger by entering hazardous confined sewer spaces and deep ravines. As these are structures designed to handle storm water, they are subject to flash flooding.

Thank You








All in all, not a bad little drain for your first. Bring on Double Trouble now! :D

More pics on my blog
Thanks for looking :thumb


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