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Report - Velociraptor, Manchester - June 2012.


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Velociraptor, Manchester

Ojay/Camera Shy


Essentially a CSO/Screened Storm overflow located on the outskirts of Manchester, which connects to one of it's lesser brooks

Not the most inspiring of places, but still good to finally see what was below those pesky lids I passed many moons ago

Stepping Lightly once said "Watch the Velociraptor, it will have your arm off", wise words as one of these beasts started up whilst I was leaning on it!

Ever since the name has stuck with these machines..

Also I wouldn't recommend sewers when your lungs don't function properly and you have a full on chest infection :rolleyes:

Still I hate being housebound and the weather seemed favourable for drains, Crack on!

Authorised Personnel Only apparently...


After struggling with heavy liddage with a rusty bar we managed to lift 1 of 3 lids that hadn't been padlocked

Down we went into the 'confined space' which houses the processing machinery in the form of a giant screw, this sits above the trunk sewer and runs the length of the overflow weir

The chamber which is approx 12ft in length also serves as a storm overflow, with any discharge carried through a slot in the middle, exiting through a 1m RCP to the brook below

(Trying to grab a shot of the sewer beyond proved impossible as I managed to break yet another tripod) :banghead



Luckily the levels were fine, but my lungs weren't feeling it today so a couple of pics and out I came leaving Camera Shy to grab a few shots

Outta Here


60m down to the brook is the outfall

On the way here we disturbed one huge rat that was feasting on the rich pickings from last nights discharge (yummy) :D


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