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Report - Velocity Village, Sheffield - June '14


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The contemporary and stylish landmark building typifies the integration of modern urban living and working environments, boasting 443 premium residential apartments, 64,000 sq.ft. high quality office accommodation across 7 floors, business centre with a fully staffed reception, premium meeting and conference facilities and on-site café with break out area.

The modern development, almost completely faced in glass, maximises both the light and the stunning views across the rolling hills of the near by Peak District, providing its vibrant community with a welcoming, well maintained and enjoyable urban environment.
I met up with tablets one balmy June night to investigate a couple of leads in town, one of which was some scaffold we'd driven past a few weeks previous with jazzywheelz. At the time, the scaff didn't go all the way to the top of the building so we gave it a miss, however, this time round we spotted clear access and went for it. Within 30 seconds of finding our way into the compound we'd been spotted by some of the residents and despite our best efforts ended up attracting a lot of attention...
We decided to just leg it up to the roof and grab as many shots as we could on Hiso before the inevitable. After around 20 minutes security were shouting us down from the roof and before long were having a chat with South Yorkshire's finest. Luckily, the 5-0 were extremely understanding and accepting of the fact that we'd done nothing wrong, and after a quick chat, we were on our way home. A short lived explore, but quite a cool rooftop.












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28DL Full Member
Hahahahaha, top lolz.
Not going to stick any of my pics on as they are all gash. We should have saved this for a not early evening type situation.

super nerris

On A Mission....
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We decided to just leg it up to the roof and grab as many shots as we could on Hiso before the inevitable.

HaHa love this guys, great effort!! if in doubt leg it!!!

Great Pics:thumb


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Cheers all.

First thing I noticed was the cranes! nice pics K, but bigger sizes please :)
Yeah, copied the wrong links lol couldn't be arsed to change them afterwards!

I always miss out on the fun stuff :( Top effort :thumb
I'm sure you enjoyed jumping off a mountain strapped to a blokes crotch more than a scabby rooftop in Sheff :D

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