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Report - Vernon Carus Mill - Penwortham - November 2016


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Vernon Carus Mill - Penwortham - November 2016

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Well I've known about this place for a number of years however for reasons I can't even figure out myself I have never checked it out. Anyway, with just recovering from being ill and it not being far away I though well why not. On arrival there was a security guard parked right outside in a marked security vehicle, so we drove past him and into a car park where we waited for him to leave (he did after 10 minutes) and then bang I went in.

Unfortunately I could only gain access to one floor, due to them having bricked up most of the entrances to the staircases inside etc and unfortunately i'm not Spider-Man!

This place is rumoured to be being demolished soon so i'd hurry if you want to see it.
Sorry about the lack of picture quality etc it was pitch black in there and as I say my first explore in a while so still not 100 percent so don't expect it to be the best :')

In 1785, John Watson built Penwortham Mill on Factory Lane. This was a textile factory which included weaving and fabric production. The factory was originally powered by a water mill running off a stream that fed into the Ribble.
Owners of large textile mills purchased large numbers of children from workhouses and orphanages in all the larger towns and cities, including London. By the late 1790s, about a third of the workers in the cotton industry were children and known as pauper apprentices.
Penwortham Mill was purchased by Vernon Carus in 1915 and specialised in the manufacture of surgical lint. A product which was in massive demand during the First World War. The factory now stands idle and is earmarked to be converted into houses/apartments by Bovis Homes of Manchester.















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