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Report - Vernon Carus Mill, Preston - June 2014


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Known as Penwortham Mill originally, the mill was built in 1785 and was used in fabric production, textiles and weaving. In 1915, the Mill was bought by Vernon Carus, and saw a name change and an operation change. It was later used to manufacture surgical lint for use in the First World War.

The mill closed circa 2006 and has been battered and bruised by the environment for the 10 years it has been abandoned. Reasons for closing are many, and a large reason the mill was closed due to the lack of demand and the difficult access to the site, as the only road to the site requires driving under a low railway bridge.

Planning applications have been submitted to build up to 400 homes in the disused mill. However there is doubt that the infrastructure in place can support the influx of hundreds of new homes. Security has since been increased since my visit.

This explore was done in 2014, and so the pictures do not actively reflect what it looks like nowadays. The site was not easily accessible, and since my visit, many kids have gained access and trashed the place even worse than when I visited.

Older reports from 2008-2011 show a more cleaner, interesting and more importantly 'used' building. Sadly, the floors were empty, many unsafe and since the bad floods in the North West around the back end of 2015, I fear the place will collapse voluntarily soon.

Visited with a none member. These pictures were taken on an iPhone, and have not been edited in any way *cringes*. Sorry for the poor photo quality!


The water powered mill from the back.


Stairs leading towards the basement and upper floors.


There is some interesting graffiti in the place.


An urbex post without a chair would be a bit disappointing. This was probably the most interesting thing in the mill.


Presumably some sort of pump/generator for the mill. Didn't really spend much time in this building unfortunately because we feared we might be chased out by someone!

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How do you know? I'd love to be able to identify the machinery I see in these places but can never seem to get it right. Is it common to have a boiler in a separate building?
It's very common place for boilers of this size to usually have their own building (Boiler House) or an attatched room.

The vast majority of boilers are cylinder in shape, and will have an exhaust and associated water piping... you can see the water pipes going into the boiler with the valves to control flow toward the front of the boiler and the exhaust at the rear. You'll also see for definate a pressure gauge and usually a temperature one too, you'd also find a safety valve up top, near where the hand rails are for blowing off should the steam pressure get too high, saves the boiler blowing up half the mill up that way!

Saftey Valves


Front of your typical boiler...


Hope that helps you out a bit, if you get stuck with any other bits give me a shout :)


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28DL Full Member
I saw this place last week from the train and thought about calling down, looks like you have saved me the trouble. Nice shots by the way!


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28DL Full Member
I saw this place last week from the train and thought about calling down, looks like you have saved me the trouble. Nice shots by the way!
Yeah, don't bother! There's even less there now and seca are unforgiving apparently. If you fancy something reasonably close (15 minute drive) there's Leyland Test Track. There isn't really a lot there, but it's interesting to see the track and different road textures, plus it is super easy to get into.

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