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Report - Victoria Arches & Cathedral Steps, Manchester 2011


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Havoc, Ojay and Lawrence.

Golly Gosh, it's been about four years since I first ventured in here and seeing as I was in Manchester for the exhibition, I thought it best to make the most of time there and play around in the city for five nights on the trot. I'd been meaning to get back down to the arches for a long time because my photos were a bit wank (that's not to say they aren't a bit iffy now to be fair) but I wanted another crack at snapping the brickwork.

My memory is awful at the best of times but there was so much I saw this time that I don't remember on the first time round. It was a lot more sedate and seeing as we're all getting on a bit now, I think that's not a bad thing. The arches and steps were always a bit of a holy grail for Manchester and it's great that so many people have got to see them.

What saddened me greatly was the amount of stupid graffiti down there in bright orange spray paint about various forums and their members. I can sort of understand internet rivalry and hatred towards people that you may not have seen eye to eye with but surely folk are intelligent enough to realise that it is not the fault of some air raid shelters? It would not surprise me if I went down here a week later and more had been added as a result of me voicing my opinion here but come on kids, this is yours, mine and everyone else's history you are defacing. If I thought it would do any good, I go and clean it off myself but I don't want to give the children the satisfaction of knowing that their hyperactive bursts of inadequacy had affected anyone. I know you're upset and angst-ridden but maybe next time, write it in a notepad instead of on something so historically important hey? That's what most people do to get it out their system. Or maybe drink and drugs? At the end of the day, you're wasting your time, not the people you are trying to get back on by scrawling things in paint. Do you think we give a shit? Do we fuck! You've just wasted your own money on paint, your own time and your own sanity. I'd be embarrassed if I cared that much to do something about it :p

We all had a great time in Manchester, more reports to follow, enjoy the pics.