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Report - Victoria Arches, Manchester - March 2011


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with NickUK, Shadow_Play, HiddenShadow and 2 curious cyclists we picked up!

The history here has been well documented, I just wanted to see it for myself before it was too late.

Well, I just had to visit this place after lurking on these forums for a number of years and just in the nick of time as apparently I'm totally blind and missed all the plans for a new footbridge over the Irwell that construction has already started on. I could have spent hours down there but I didn't want to hold up the group so I mainly spent my time looking instead of shooting. Either way I got a few shots although nothing new I'm afraid.




Arch number 10



As I said, nothing new but I'm glad to have actually seen this with my own eyes before it was too late. Massive thanks to the guys for showing me around, I really appreciate it and sorry if I was holding you up!


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