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Report - Victoria Arches (Revist)


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So I have been down here a few times 4 in total I think, but after starting talking to a few people and I heard they wanted to go down I figured why not plan another trip down to this amazing place! ill add a little history not that its needed because most people know what this place is now.

Victoria arches are a series of bricked-up arches built in an embankment of the river irwell in Manchester. They served as business premises, landing stages for steam packet riverboats and as Second World War air-raid shelters. They were accessed from wooden staircases that descended from Victoria Street.
Regular flooding resulted in the closure of the steam-packet services in the early 20th century, and the arches were later used for general storage. Following the outbreak of the Second World War they were converted into air raid shelters. They are now bricked up and "inaccessible" :D, the staircases having been removed in the latter part of the 20th century.

If you have ever been to this place you will understand why I love the way you access and exit this place!
(not many pictures, I was more focused on the wire wool)









Once again the arches never seam to let me down, other then the dicks with the orane spray paint :/ thanks for coming along! @Urban_XCJ @TeamCF @diggertron5000
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