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Report - Victoria baths, Manchester 2010

where is my flashlight

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Hi, I only have these few pictures from Victoria Baths from when I was filming there in 2010, I thought I'd post them anyway, some photographs are from underneath the swimming pool (basement area) some look like a victorian street but underground. very creepy place to be! The baths were opened in September 1906 by the Lord Mayor of Manchester who described the building as a "water palace''. Total cost £59,144. The building was closed in 1993.

''In September 2003, the Baths won the first series of the BBC's Restoration programme. The building was chosen by a public phone-vote from a short-list of ten buildings in danger of dereliction in the UK. It was awarded £3.4 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund'' ,but that wasn't enough to resotore the entire building.

You can contact them for a visit if you like, I emailed them once they told me they just require a donation and they will let you explore :popcorn. here is a link to their website: Victoria Baths

Here is Victoria baths, wikipedia page: Victoria Baths - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


above/below: film I was working at victoria baths, in the forground is actor: Tim Dantay.




above: call sheet from BBC drama ‘Life On Mars’ which was used as a filming location


above: basement level, the left wall is the reverse side of the swimmig pool.


above: one of the many maze like hallways at the basement level.


above: again sides of the swimming pool from the basement


above: I was left alone here by my crew :sad , we filmed from 9pm till 6am for 3 days, was more like most haunted. The picture below is the walkway above which has glass tiles.



above: love this vintage light switch, still works’’.


above/below: for some reason I find empty swimming pools really creepy’’.


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