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Report - Victoria Chapel, Liverpool - August '11


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Visited with ex0

After trolling round Liverpool, trying to do the Cheapside Bridewell (I'll include some pics at the end) we were wandering round the city. Realising we'd come full circle we where about to head off to a pub (I needed a pint), ex0 needed to answer the call of nature. While he was off doing that I stumbled across the access to this place. I was a happy bunny!

Because of some nosey people near by, we retreated briefly to a pub near by and had strategic refreshments :D Strategic refreshments finished we trolled off to victory, and a cool night shoot!

Robbed from ex0 as I'm too hung over to do it myself!​

Not too much history on this place:

1878: Foundation stone of a new Welsh Calvanistic chapel in Crosshall street, laid by John ROBERT'S esq M.P. in lieu of Pall mall chapel which was built in 1787 and taken down for railway extension Nov 27
Net searches of estate agents (there were about a dozen different letting agent boards outside the property all wanting to lease it) reveals the following info:

Size: 2163 - 11983 sq ft
Price Guide: £1,500,000.00
Details: The Chapel is a development opportunity for conversion into a boutique hotel, offices, restaurant or residential apartments. The existing buildings facade is Grade II listed and contains 12,283 sq ft spread across four floors.
I even found a website setup by one of the agents for the sale of the property: http://chapel-liverpool.co.uk/. Floor plans and everything (though they are not correct!!). I'm not sure the person that wrote the descriptions on that site has been inside the property recently, the ceiling is falling through and the floors are all rotting to death. I don't think it will be standing for long. The attic is going to fall in any day now. It's a shame because it's a great building, loads of character. Hopefully someone will buy it and do some restoration.



The building retains very little of it's chapel heritage, inside it has been partitioned to death. The top floor is only accessable from the rear stair case, and the basement is only accessable from the front staircase after going up to the top floor :banghead

Inside the building, top floor




[6] [7]

This is a lightwell, so the inner parts of the building can receive light too


And as promised, a couple of the outside of Cheapside Bridewell. THis building has always intrigued me, but unfortunately we didn't make it inside :(




Thanks for looking :thumb
The rest of the pictures are on my website


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