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Report - Victoria Clock Tower and Tate&Lyle tank 28 - Liverpool January 2010 - Report


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Hello again everyone.

TheFlu24 and I traveled into Liverpool on the 2nd of January looking to have a complete night of urbex, including some of the more tantalising cranes in the city at the moment. We started the night at the Victoria Clock Tower which stands guard in front of one of our favourite spots, Stanley Dock.

History has been covered previously, but for those not in the know, built in 1848, The clock tower served as an aid to sailors in the busy ports and docklands in the area. The bell functioned as an early warning device for adverse weather conditions.

Upon entry you are greeted with this rather cool mural. Dated '74 though it looks more like WW2 era paintings.


The mechanisms for the 6 clock faces and bell are exposed throughout the length of the tower.



And the clock faces and bell themselves prove to be very pretty indeed.



The internal architecture of the tower is gorgeous too !



And the view between the castle turrets at the top speaks for its self.



Just so happened to be taking in the view when three tugs escorted a large freighter past us.


After feeling sufficiently warmed up thanks to the clock tower, we headed into the city to scout out some exciting looking cranes on a certain large development on the river front. The access and security proved to be a little difficult to overcome on this occasion, but watch this space on those cranes, and others local to them. There's a building site very inner city that I would give an eye to climb - but it happens to contain more IR cameras and PIR sensors than any sensible urbexer would consider :p

So we retreated back towards the docklands having failed miserably at getting our fix of climbing in, and ended up having a completely impromptu spot of storage tank climbing at Tate & Lyle sugar. Our tank of choice turned out to be No 28, and produced a few nice shots.




The mystery object in the foreground of this shot is a thoroughly frozen jumper - adhered to the tank. god alone knows :p



And so ended a long and partially fruitful night in Liverpool. Hope you enjoyed the pictures :thumb

One final bonus shot. this pigeon refused to stop posing on the pulley (:wanker)


Thankyou all for looking