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Report - Victoria Theatre, Salford, Dec17


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I’ve had my eye on this place for years. I’m from Prestwich so only up the road and I remember going past the Rialto further up where there is now a maccies and past this place on our way into town as a kid. I lived in Broughton briefly about 5 years ago and used to keep an eye on it, however it was always well sealed.

Visited with @EOA initially and @host and @Camera Shy turned up to scare the shit out of us.

There was some bloke filming outside about the theatre at the time we were in there. Probably something to do with the local campaign to save it.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m proper happy I finally got it done. The only downer was that I stood in some fresh dog shit whilst in there L


Built in 1899 by the Broughton Theatres Syndicate Ltd, Victoria Theatre opened in December 1900. Less than a year after opening it was used as a cinema (although sadly there is no signs of cinema use left)

Seating was extended from 2,000 upto 3,000 in 1910 and between 1919 and 1919 it was used as a theatre again.

It was then used as a cinema again until it closed in 1958 when it was then used as a clothing/furniture store until 1973 when it was an unsuccessful bingo hall, which closed shortly after. It remained closed until the 80s when it opened up as Bingo hall, which it remained until its closure in 2008 under the Palace name.

Its Grade II listed and on the theatres at risk register.

More info can be found here



Ill start with some old pictures of the theatre taken from google image search or the above websites.

and now

not too sure on the date of this

Now, looking out from the stage

Looking down at the stage

bad lens flare

The upper circle seating area which has been boarded off

seating on the dress circle

looking down from the dress circle

spiderwebs and pigeon shit fill the upper levels. Looking up from the dress circle level to the awesome ceiling.

the stalls/stage level

more spider webby goodness above one of the boxes next to the stage

the back of the curved plaster ceiling above the stage

stripped seating in a back room

the upper circle boarded off

The stage level

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Cracking report, chap and photos full of awesomeness :thumb

Good to know we can follow in the footsteps of urbex pioneers like the man himself, Matthew Holmes.

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Nice. Loving the architecture. :D What goes on beneath eh. No naked lights, love signs like that, makes you think all kinds, or at least it does me :eek:

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