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Report - Victoria Tunnel , Newcastle February 2011


cloak of invisibility
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The Victoria Tunnel is an early Victorian Grade II listed tunnel, originally coal was transorted on carts through Newcastle which wasn’t popular so plans were made to build a wagonway to transport it.
The Victoria Tunnel was named after Queen Victoria, and officially opened 7th April 1842.
On its opening a train of wagons containing coal and local dignitaries took half an hour to travel its length !
The tunnel also later came into use as an air raid shelter in WW2 hence the blast doors toilets etc ..

And so it was that my first jaunt underground came about after an invite from Forsaken and following a comical failed attempt which saw us being nailed into an Asylum in the early afternoon by some over eager security , anyway after deploying our ‘ Shields of Invisibility’ ( those who were there will know what this means but to protect a certain persons job I I will say no more !) , we then employed our teleporting device and escaped from said place to make our way to Newcastle.

Jumping out of a car in the dark and disappearing down a hole next to a main road is an unusual but strangely satisfying pastime and was an enjoyable if smelly and wet jaunt ( note to self to buy some waders )
So heres some pics , intrepid explorers present were emotive69, forsaken, goan and horus and with a little help from lucid too ..

The toilet signs … must have been a problem having curry nights down here


The tunnel seemed quite short on the way , and seemed to treble on the way out


Old victoria seats , minus the wood of course , sitting in here during a raid must have been an experience


Grafitti all over the walls some old some new


Not really sure on the use of these metal things sticking out of the roof ? anyone


The blast doors with their right to left turns stopped any backblast or bomb debris travelling through the tunnel


Part way through Tron had visited , no actually this is reinforcements for the part of the tunnel the subway runs over


The we came across this strange chap with green eyes, ah its just horus , think the sulphur was taking effect at this point !



A couple of real low light shot just for good measure ..



And some torchlit stuff too



Then out came the candles for an extraordinary meditation session



And the green man appeared again liking the candles 


Horus and Goan decided on lighting balls of wire wool , which made for great photography , but I have to question who on earth sat down one day and decided to light wirewool on the end of a chain to play with in dark tunnels lol




And finally this is Forsaken making his way back through the tunnel after investigating some very strange noises which were reckoned to be a drain in the end ?


All in all great fun and an enjoyable day……..

Should also point out that the photos were all shot with canon 5dmk2 and a 50mm F1.2 lens , no tripod was used all handheld and no flash ! damn I love technology !


Jack Fowler

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I visited the Victoria Tunnel on a guided tour, I was told from the tour guide that those little metal things in the roof of the tunnel were to put wire through for the lighting when the tunnel was used as an air raid shelter. Great pictures guys!

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