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Report - Victoria View Crane, New Brighton - June '11 V 2.0


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Victoria View is a failed apartment development, that to my untrained eyes had good potential. From the builders website:
The once majestic Hotel Victoria, set in an elevated position of New Brighton , is now the location for one of the Wirral's most exciting new developments. The grandeur of the past shall be replaced with stylish, contemporary, luxury apartments, some of which will offer quite breathtaking views over the estuary and Irish Sea.
This development will be finished in October 2009. To secure your apartment now, simply choose your apartment and put a £500 deposit as down payment.
That was the plan; it didn't work out that way. According to locals the construction stopped a few years ago. The crane stayed and that's where I come in

I met up with new member ex0 and his (non-member) friend in Seacombe, we had a good wander round the old BASF factory I've previously reported on. After spending a while in here we headed up to a secondary target, tackled palisade fencing, went for access only to realise I would have had to chop my arms off to fit in. FAIL! ex0's friend suggested to crane so off we went! I've done a crane previously, the specific crane is what I christened the Rusty Shit Bucket of Certain Doom™ from my Vesta Oil Pier/Rock Ferry old shore crane report. This is my first tower crane and I was eagerly nervous to see get to the top.


The crane base is 28m (92ft) above sea level. After gaining access, you're met with this sight:

I wonder if this was even filled in?

From the bottom looking up...

The view over the Wirral to West Kirby and Wales from 115 meters (377 feet) above sea level, 87 meters (285 feet) above ground

Looking toward Seaforth in Liverpool, over the Mersey

From the drivers cab


New Brighton Train Station and Liverpool Docks

Looking down

Post-climb victory photo

It was windier than a flatulence convention up there, we had drunk people walking the streets underneath us and where constantly looking out for the police. As soon as we felt rain we decided to call it a night.

Thanks again to ex0 and friend for making my first tower crane climb a reality, sorry again to Sim2Lew, we'll be more prepared now that I've done it.

Thanks for looking :thumb

Thanks to Styru for letting me redo the thread after having a second bash at the pictures (hence the V 2.0 thing):thumb


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