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Report (Permission Visit) - Video report - ROC Buckminster - Lincolnshire - MARCH 2020


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Hello Explorers!

Four moths ago me and my mate went out to explore another ROC bunker that we found in Buckminster, unfortunately it was all sealed and looked like well maintained. Later on we found out about a guy named Jed Jaggard and this is his bunker. We did contact with him and arranged a visit. Two months later we met with him and he let us get inside also explained a lot about ROC itself and equipment that has been used during cold war. He agreed to record everything so we did.
I would like to attach link to Jed's website, he is a good guy and he put lots of effort to make this bunker great again. A few times a year he organizes open days when everyone can come and see bunker by them self it is definitely worth going.

--> ROC Buckminster website

I hope you guys gonna like it. ;)