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Report - Villa Sbertoli - Italy - March 2015


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Visited on the same trip which started in such horrendous conditions We reached Villa Sbertoli with the sun beaming down on us and warming us through. We took our time here enjoying not being cold and wet through for a change. We visited the mortuary first and then moved on to the ball room to admire both the splendor in the main hall and the view out over the city from the upper levels. By this point, and given how much noise we had made, we had concluded that there was no security guard on site despite what we had been told. We used this opportunity, and the fact that we had no where else planned for the day, to have a look around the many other buildings.

We found a building over in the corner of the site with a missing window and bars just wide enough to squeeze through. On the other side was what looked like a solitary confinement ward with rooms stacked high with patient records and medical journals. None of us had ever seen pictures of this part so we walked around saying "unseen cream" to each other. On the outside was a plaque that read (put through Google Translate). After looking online it said that during the fascist rule of Italy, the villa became a prison for political detainees and the men named below were executed.​

"Within these walls ancient seat of marginalization were detained young partisans and patriots;

Boccardi Alvaro, Poli Valoris, Calugi Aldo, Biusfredi Lando Vinicio

From there taken to the shooting at the fortress "Santa Barbara" The day 31/03/1944
The province of Pistoia, as he hands a respectful homage to the martyrs of freedom and democracy,
to remember this inscription on the day that the closure of this department is a step forward for overcoming of mental hospital,
which improper eliminate all forms of exclusion in the fight more generally linked to the values of resistance.

For an equal dignity of each person.
Fundamental right of man.







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Very nice set of photos
Exploring & Italy; Go together nicely