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Report - Vinci Tower Crane, Aston, Birmingham - January 2010


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It had been an odd day.

Many deep and meaningful conversations whilst at work about life, direction and reminiscing past decisions made. Sat at home, I had too much on my mind, and finding it hard to relax I decided to walk to something that's been on my hitlist for a short while, but never thought I'd ever have the courage to give it a shot.

The aforementioned topics were drifting around my head as I walked through town at the dead of night, past the gutter rats of the night before who were being swept into awaiting taxis home.

As I turned the corner towards the site, and entered, I was still sifting through tales of woe in my head, and one ladder up I stopped dead.

What am I thinking?

F*ck the past, there's no point in dwelling on it. This is happening now.


Height - 63.45m

Upon reaching the top I took a few minutes to collect myself, take a drink of water and start admiring the view.


When you're around 200 foot above the ground, on a slowly swaying piece of metal, not alot else matters.


I was then faced with the next challenge... Do I climb the final ladder to the highest point above the counter weight? Seeing as the jib has been left in a near-vertical position I took off up the ladder to claim a small stake of victory.


Looking back down to the main platform. This is when the height dawned on me.




One final look over the city before my descent back to normality.


How did it feel to fail?
How did it feel to feel?
All of those times, we tried our very hardest,
and our best was never good enough for them.

Well, those days have come to an end, my friends.
We no longer answer to anyone and this new life is ours to live.
The end.
This is the end of the way we used to live.
The end. The end.
This is the death of the days that we were better off dead.

No more second guessing.
No more f*cking patience.
No more self-doubt.
No more inhibitions.

Adapt. Outlast.
Adapt. Outlast.
At Last. The end.

modern life is war

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