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Wanted - Vintage Electrical Switchboxes


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First post,and this is the reason I joined....I don't know where else on the Internet to ask the question.

I am seeking old (1930s-1970s) cast iron switchboxes which were flameproof rescued from old factories and mines which operated in a hazardous atmosphere.

Particularly Walsall boxes but also G.E.C. , Heyes and Ellison etc.

Any gang ...as long as they are still functional (which they should be as they were built to last a century or two!) and the heavier the better.

Cash paid and collection arranged.

Hope someone can help out or knows someone who might have a few stashed away.

Anyway,thanks in advance and good luck to all.

professor frink

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I come across hundreds of these whilst at work and exploring.
But as Speed says: Why, how much and are they worth anything?


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28DL Full Member
Again why? How much you paying?
I've tried to answer twice but the message isn't showing up....I assume pre-moderation?

75-150 is the accepted price. Items wanted to replace generic modern plugs in a previous industrial home.


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Ok. I dont have any right now but I get them occasionally so PM me some contact details and il bare you in mind. I have plenty of the non-explosion proof switches if you want any of those too.


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Items wanted to replace generic modern plugs in a previous industrial home.
Most of these types of boxes won't comply with modern standards and I think you will find most need to be glanded off for use with mineral insulated cable which needs special tools etc. Technical info for ratings will have long since been gone. I wound't think you could just shove a bit of twin and skin in them but hey ho, your house.