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Report - visit to dodd selwyn motors bus yard belton

silver service

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with urban exploring now abandoned untill next year i would like recall some of the other explores i did but havent yet documented .
i had initally planned to do the isle of axholme railway but with fading light plan B came into being with a trip to barry doods selwyn motors bus yard

selwyn motors is a difficult yard to find unless you know what you are looking for set back up a drive off the main road in the lincolnshire village of belton.

started by his grandfather in 1939 selwyns is an independant operator run by barry on his own predominatly a coach operator although he did have a service route 292 belton to doncaster which has ran for many years and was a saturday only 1 journey each way shopping service using the double decker which ended in december due to a new rule where the buses have to have flat platforms for disabled/buggy access added to this a cut in subsidy by north east lincs cc this rural service doesnt carry enough passengers to make buying a flat platform bus viable and with 2 way travel winning the school contracts barry in his 70,s has decided enough is enough and was in the process of a re mot of the 53 seater to join the 49 seater available for private hire.

nearly every bus selwyns have ever had are at their yard many have been stood derelict for many years with trees and green moss growing either on them or around them refusing to sell his buses unless he can get the right kind of price for them it looks like a buses graveyard with the bus sheds filled with all sorts of unimaginable crap.... barry selwyn dodd gives nothing away.

picture list

1, one of the original buses in the name of E.R dodd mwb 310
a 1950 bedford ob previously owned by roevilles of stainforth

2, the same vehicle parked up on the back field in belton before it was brought indoors

3, now 67 years old she stands in the bus shed surrounded by odds and ends

4, another one of dodds aquisitions was this AEC reliance 571 bwt which stands at doncasters christ church waiting to return home to belton

5, DDB 169 C a 1965 daimler fleetline new to north western as 169 shortly returning to belton via sandtoft

6, now a sad sight as it disappears into the undergrowth is that the phantom conductress standing by the drivers door?

7, ex wallace arnold aua 435 j 1971 aec reliance passed to dodds in 1976

8 &9 this vehicle is intact but hasnt run for many years seen parked in the shed

another bus surrounded by assorted crap

10,OJD138 R ...a leyland fleetline fe30agr new to london transport as dms2138 in 1976
stands at christ church bus stands themselves now long since gone

11, another shot of the DMS with a 38 foot retford and district leyland national mk2a behind it
the difference being mk 1,s were 44 feet with a air pod on the back the mark 2,s had no air pod and a rounded front and the 2a,s had a rounded front and air pod and when driving them you had to remember
the extra bit at the back if you got out of a mk2 and into a mk1 ( i only forgot once and knocked a mirror off !! )

12 , the dms rusts in peace in the lincolnshire countryside far from its london home

13& 14, its replacement mcw mk2 metrobus F80YLV new as merseybus 810 in 1989 leaves lincolnshire far behind and heads to doncaster on the saturday only 292 belton to doncaster via epworth and sandtoft service
with the end of the 292 service this vehicle has now gone to new owners

15 hsv 126 ex wallace arnold passed to wray of harrogate joined selwyns in 1994 and 23 years on it still retains its wray livery this has on one occasion filled in for the metrobus on the 292

16, the same bus under repair at selwyns yard ready for its MOT to join the 49 seater seen in the background
as a private hire coach

17, 844 FKX a van hool nothing else is known about this vehicle apart from it used to do selwyns contract to axholme school before the advent of 2 way travel

18, 844 joins its companions in retirement he recently turned down an offer from a york based gentleman for this bus

19, R681 WRN formally R60 RED a volvo 49 seater was selwyns latest and possibly final aquisition
leaves axholme school epworth on completing a private hire job for the school

20, volvo 681 awaits its next job between the metrobus waiting for saturday to stretch its wheels on the 292
and the derelict DDB 169 c


silver service

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not at all barry dodd showed me around as for speed stick around you may learn something mate
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