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Question - Visiting London 3-5th July

Kieran Anson

28DL Member
28DL Member
Hi, student photographer here and semi-new to the whole urban photography genre.

I'm down in London in just over a week and have a few locations I'm thinking of visiting however was wondering if any of you more experienced folk have some suggestions.

I know the whole, spontaneous photography is better, but I want a few more locations that I can visit.

Thanks :)


Bajo Tierra
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Welcome to the forum, your best bet will be to use the search box top right of the page and see what comes up, must be endless places to visit in London, good luck :thumb


A Predisposed Tourist
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Get some reports up and show us what you got and then maybe once youve built up a reputation people may be inclined to help out.Is your sudden interest in urban exploration anything to do with the student photographer thing?a course or something ?
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