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Report - W H Shaw pallet works diggley June 2018


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This site has been done regularly but I offer some update pictures.
Originally a textile mill it later was revamped to house one of the biggest pallet producers in the country.
Later on a plastic injection firm cohabbitated the premises with a lot of the bits and pieces you can find now from that buisness.
We spent a good few hours exploring this place, It was both a great mooch but at the same time extreemly hazardous due to the pigeons.
This is the worst place I've been for them, apart from numourous ones flying around, trying to get out, trying to get away from us maybe but constantly flapping around. Worse than that was the crap everywhere, in places it was over ankle deep!! To top it all off the dead pigeons littering the place out number the live ones surely by at least 30-1 :( seems to me someone is shooting them but you can find them from obviously died in the last day or 2 to brittle skeletons so it's been going on for years.
I decided after this explore that from now on I will carry a mask with me.

So I guess if you're a regular and you're reading this you're looking to see if we got in the admin house. Short answer is yes but only to the point of seeing wood panneling then deciding somthing didn't feel right so we left it on a high with no problems.
I guess the news is that there is now a way in or at least when we were there there was, it's obvious people have been going in.

That brings me to the next point, there is security, there are cameras and there are sensors with an alarm.
While we were there we kept away from the admin house until we had been around everything else,we didn't set any alarms off that we were aware of and other than the pigeons we wernt noticed even though quite a few noisy people were regularly walking down the canal path next to the site.
At 7.30pm (this was a saturday) a security van came onto site and an alarm started going off. He drove up to the other end of site (where all the pallets are) and back then he went, when he did the alarm stopped. We did not see him again, we were there maybe another 2+ hours aftwards.
When we decided to look around the admin building my friend kept watch on the main entrance and I went looking around the building, there are sensors on each corner and on the adjacent barn which set the alarm off. If you move away from the field of view the alarm stops after a few minutes. I set the alarm off 9 or 10 times and no one came.
While the alarms were going off I started to enter the house but only got to the point of a wood panneled bathroom and bottled it, somthing didn't feel right, I looked down at my mate who was obviously worrying so I didn't go any further and we decided to leave on a high rather than force ourselves to do it against our gut feeling. There appeared to be a camera inside the building.

We had full access to all other parts of site, the way in to the big warehouse at the top of site was a pain to find but easy getting in once we did.
In the pics you will see a tunnel entrance inside the main building with the following picture of the end of that tunnel showing a gap around 12" wide 2 foot tall to the left of the picture, somehow we squeezed through that and got into another big room with loads of blue lockers inside. No doors to exit from so we had to climb back through. You should also be able to climb up and over instead if you prefer, I went to get an oil drum to help with this but my mate had squeezed through by the time I got back with it so I followed him.

We rescued a baby pigeon trapped down afore mentioned said tunnel and later on a big frog trapped in the warehouse so we did our good deeds for the day lol.

All in all we really enjoyed this one but at the same time could have done without the pigeons and alarms.
The admin building/house is a grade 2 listed building but the rest is down for demolition so it may not last much longer. The admin house will stay and any future development will have to accommodate it so one day it surely will be easily visitable.

Sorry no fancy cameras so just mobile phone pics.































exploring with jayden

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good report
was there the other day not a bad explore apart from the alarms going off

you see all the red diesel someone had been drumming up


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The friend that came with me was there for the day the weekend before with someone else but they didn't go on site because the alarm was going off all day. For us that night it was mostly silent. Seems quite random.
I liked the skate board ramp made underneath the alarm box lol.
I saw a pallet of loads of plastic bottles filled with somthing, I didn't realise it was red diesel, I have a rule not to open bottles/tanks of stuff because I know at some point it will end up on my clothes lol. The big heating oil tank has a couple thousand gallons in it as well.
I would have loved the bags of wooden blocks for my log burner lol.


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Please tell me you didn't not go in admin when it was open????