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Report - W W Laycock and Sons Sheffield - June 2014


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On one of my many wanderings around Sheffield stumbled across this place the first time i could see people working in it so went back recently and the men had gone so went for a look. It seems they were a silversmiths and finishers the place is mainly stripped out though one or two bits and pieces remain it looks like they shut shop early 2000s It has been done before on here but not all that often. It was a slightly hurried visit as i had a train to catch so may go back for a longer look next time.






As these pics show there is more to it than you first think when outside the buildings sort of wrap round a central court yard area.



Lovely old workshop areas.




There were some discarded paperwork most of it modern a little higher up in a loft space was some paperwork from the mid 1970s again didnt have time to look through it properly.



not a bad explore may go back and check out the roof and loft spaces more thoroughly. Sorry for the lack of history also no doubt there will be plenty of it somewhere on the net.



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Re: W W Laycock and Sons Sheffield June 2014

I really rate laycocks, it remains very unchanged despite the fetted mess the crackheads have left!

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Re: W W Laycock and Sons Sheffield June 2014

I see this place all the time, always thought it was just the small building on the front, don't judge a book ay!! nice pics mate!!:thumb


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Re: W W Laycock and Sons Sheffield June 2014

Liking this,
As you say its a hell of a lot bigger than at first glance. Shame you had to rush for the train, bet you wanted more time to rummage about :)


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Re: W W Laycock and Sons Sheffield June 2014

I must admit it has been tidied up a bit as i didnt really notice any needles etc and it certainly is much bigger once in the central court yard area actually it was a case of where do i start as you are surrounded by buildings all looking rather welcoming. Yes would have loved to have spent longer this was my final calling point if only i had gone there first as the other 2 places were not quite as good as this.

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Nice Report mate! :thumb
Time is your worst enemy in these places. Well, time, secca, dogs, junkies, wasps nests, bird poo, weak floors/cave ins, barbed wire, palisade fences... But mainly time :)


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It's not as tidied as you think, a lot of the needles are still there, just many have been swept into heaps in corners along with the squatters mattresses, clothing etc. There is also a nicely decaying fox to welcome you on your entrance :) Well done on getting in there, I'd been waiting for years !