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Report - Wade Ceramics - Burslem - Stoke on Trent - August 2012


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Ugh posting a report, i must be bored!

Wade is one of the more recent stoke potteries to close but one ive always 'looked forward too' as such. This is mainly because its a place that mixes more than just the single line of interest for me. Wade is arguably most famous for its virtual monopoly on the manufacture of brewery and tobacco advertising wares and being a keen lover of vintage advertising, particularly brewery related, i couldn't wait to rummage through the boxes and boxes full of half finished ashtrays and water jugs that were bound to all be stacked up in some dusty forgotten storeroom somewhere right?!

Well, when the first pictures of the site came up i was a little disappointed to not see any photos of such a room. For a while i thought i may have to make do with photographing lonely chairs and broken windows instead like some sort of 'urbexer' would! Thankfully tho our well honed 6th sense was working well and once we were inside it was barely 30 seconds before i was standing in EXACTLY the room i had always imagined i would find in there! The shelves are covered, the floor is covered, there's overflowing boxes stacked up against every wall... Time to set up camp for a few hours and have a rummage! :laugh

So yeh, the explore was a bit of a one room wonder really. The factory is quite stripped out (particularly in the modernised offices) and also pretty smashed. Shame really! Did i mention they made all sorts of stupid miniature animals that weird people like to have on their mantle? The floor was littered with them and it took some restraint on my part not to steal a 1:20th scale model of a horses arse i can tell you!

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